You Don’t Have to Earn Rest

Maybe you need the reminder this week:

You do not have to earn rest. You do not have to earn your worth . 

With burnout skyrocketing, it’s crucial to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being to know these two truths. If we don’t learn to rest, our body will do it through physical illness.

It’s easy to fall into a workaholic mindset. I’ve been there myself, and it led to nothing but stress and burnout not to mention the physical effects.

I’ve come to believe a workaholic mindset stems from a scarcity mindset. We think we do not have time to rest because we have to keep working to prove we have worth (more on our worth another time,) but this is just not true.

We do not have to earn the time to rest. We don’t have to check so many things off our list or accomplish so many tasks or reach certain goals at work in order to rest.

What if we shifted our mindsets when it came to rest?

Knowing our worth and incorporating a regular practice of rest is the first step toward coming out of burnout or preventing burnout.

The next step is knowing ourselves well enough to know the signs that we are living in a constant pattern of stress and on a collision path toward burnout or already burned out. 

Understanding ourselves through the Enneagram can bring about amazing clarity and self-awareness of what triggers stress for us. Understanding our gifts, strengths, and working genius can show us how our jobs may not be the best fit for us.

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