Why Do the Work of the Enneagram?

Self awareness and emotional intelligence are the top 2 indicators for success as a leader. But it’s not just about our leadership. Maybe you don’t have a title that makes you a leader, but if you have any influence on someone you are a leader.

Becoming aware of WHY we do what we do and the behavior patterns these core motivations cause can help us identify where we are getting stuck and how that is holding us back in all areas of our life: personal, professional, and leadership. It can also show us what is working and the inherent strengths of our personality that we can cultivate.

Self awareness means asking the hard question of are these behavior patterns still working for us today?

Notice the patterns and thoughts that no longer meet the needs of making you feel loved and safe. We developed these behavior patterns in order to get our needs met and to feel safe, but part of self-awareness is realizing when those thoughts and patterns are no longer healthy.

When we become aware of the thoughts that are keeping us stuck & bring that awareness into each day’s interactions and actions, we can rewrite those thoughts. One helpful practice is at the end of each day reflect back and journal any new thoughts or observations. We didn’t become the way we are randomly.

Learning about those you work with and lead can also have an incredible impact on your professional life. Learning about the other types increases your emotional intelligence, helps you understand the perspectives of those you work with and/or lead, why they do what they do, and how you can communicate better with them. When we understand the core fears and motivations, why they do what they do, we can grow in compassion and empathy for those in our lives.

For leaders, increasing your self-awareness using the Enneagram gives you great insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. It also helps you identify when one of you team members is on their type’s stress path and heading toward burnout.

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