What Makes Your Team Stand Out?

My 10-year old niece has been playing rec league soccer since she was 5. And she’s a good little soccer player. She has the drive and can be pretty competitive. She gets that from her mother not her Aunt Amy.

Last December she was invited by a soccer club coach to practice as a guest with his team and also to play in a couple of tournaments with his team. Back in February after that first tournament she had her first rec league practice of the season. She was already signed up and committed to play on the rec league team before practicing with the club team.

On the way to that first rec league practice her dad asked her if she was excited about seeing her rec league friends and practicing with them that night. Her reply was no, that she would rather be going to the club team practice that night.

She understood that the club team was on a different level that her rec league team. She also instinctively knew that they challenged her and made her better even though she wasn’t quite able to articulate that just yet.

Hearing about her experience during this transition to a different level of soccer got me to thinking. Does your team (business, volunteer, etc) stand out? And do they stand out for the right reasons?

What makes your team stand out from others? Is your team functioning at a higher level and attracting clients or customers? Is your business or organization attracting potential team members that are on a different level and like the challenge and want to grow?

What makes you stand out as a team member?

On the flip side of this, is your team standing out for the wrong reasons? Even if you think the interpersonal issues among your team members won’t affect your customers or clients, it certainly will spill over into that area soon enough.

One thing I get to do when coaching teams is help them function at a higher level by using the Enneagram personality tool. It helps us to understand why we do what we do and empowers us to grow and become that team member or leader who is on a different level.

If you would like to learn more leave me a comment with your contact info and I’ll reach out to you about setting up a consultation. I would love to help your team stand out for the right kind of reasons.

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