What Do You Want Most?

We’ve all thought about this question. Maybe we want to be further in our career. Maybe we want to be in a different city or in a new home or in a new car or to lose 40 pounds. You get the idea.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting these kind of things and we often try to change situations or habits that will get us closer to these goals.

One thing is often overlooked though when making these changes. Our mindset.

If we don’t look at our mindset about these situations no matter what habits or situations we change we will eventually hit a wall.

Everything starts with our mindset.

And this is often the hardest thing to change. Our brain forms pathways from early in our lives and rewriting the pathways that keep us stuck in a lower mindset. It takes intention and time to rewire those pathways. These pathways are often formed because we have been living on autopilot mode and allowing our core fear and core motivations to be in the driver’s seat.

It takes work to shift out of a poverty mindset about our own worth and strengths. It’s slow work, but I truly believe it’s holy work. And it’s not always something we can do on our own. Hiring a coach to give me perspective and help me see my own worth and strengths has been life changing.

A coach holds space for you and helps you see the possibilities of where you can be and achieve what you most want.

It would be my honor to walk alongside you to help you realize your true worth and help you move toward your dreams and goals, to help you find purpose and live from a place of inner peace.

You can click the button below to schedule a free coaching consultation call. Whether you choose to work together or not, you will gain a better understanding of why you do what you do can impact everything you do and how you can take back control and not live from that place.

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