Using the Enneagram to Grow as a Leader

The most accurate “personality system” (for lack of a better description) to help you grow as a leader and overcome challenges as a leader is the Enneagram.

Every business has people challenges. Team members who can’t get along. Leaders who are not aware of how their actions and communication (or lack of) make their team members feel unappreciated.

Across the board studies have shown that emotional intelligence and self-awareness are the top indicators of a great leader. This can also be said about a great team member whether they are in a leadership position or not. It outranks traditional IQ, skillset, and on the job experience.

Self-awareness is the ability to understand oneself on a deeper level, to understand why we do what we do, so we can lead ourselves well. It gives us the ability to pivot and make changes to our actions and reactions. You could say it’s personal wisdom. 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to interact effectively with other people. Understanding them on a deeper level, how they communicate, what triggers conflict for them, can show us how best to interact with or lead them.

Today’s business world is constantly changing. So how do business owners keep up with ever shifting expectations and retain top level employees and talent? Develop great leaders.

And the best system for doing this is the Enneagram. As an Enneagram coach, I help teams and leaders overcome their people challenges so they can live and work with more peace and purpose.

Developing great leaders will in turn help develop high-performing, self-aware teams. Not only that, leaders who understand themselves and their team members will be able to recognize when a team member is experiencing more stress, understand what they can do which can help prevent employee burnout.

Every business and organization has a choice when it comes to their growth:

  • no growth – which is a decision that will keep you stuck while others surpass you
  • moderate growth – comfortable, go at your own pace, learning from your mistakes may be growth but it won’t be long before you see others growing at a faster pace
  • maximum growth – a strong commitment to growth that surpasses your expectations where the personal and leadership growth of your team members makes for a high performing and peaceful place to work

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