The Robin in the Rain

As I’m building my coaching business I’m still working another job. My manager recently took another job.

I fully support her moving on. It was absolutely necessary for her. AND that first week without her was so incredibly overwhelming for me. Not because she hadn’t trained me well, but because others are coming to me thinking I have the breadth and depth of her knowledge. BUT I DON’T.

Being interrupted in the middle of my tasks and being asked questions that I have no answers for triggered something in my nervous system the first week after she left. I spent the entire week stopping and taking deep breaths and then coaching myself along with a few tears.

The end of that first week it all seemed too much when I walked into my office that morning. All I wanted to do was cry, but I started my first task of the morning anyway.

And then it started raining. When I heard the rain, I glanced out my window and somehow, even with my computer glasses on (aka everything in the distance is all blurred,) I saw a robin hopping around in the grass.

In the pouring rain.

“Look at the birds of the air…..”

All I could think was “I want to be like that bird.” Doing what he needed to do in that moment – hunting for worms. Not caring at all that the rain was pouring on him. He was perfectly at peace. And then a couple more robins joined her. See the video above.

Working to remain present and live FROM a place of inner peace is a constant practice. Especially living in this busy and noisy world that never seems to be quiet or slow down.

It takes listening to my body. It takes capturing my thoughts before they trigger negative emotions.

Sometimes it takes setting boundaries. Sometimes it takes saying no. Sometimes it takes letting go of activities (maybe even people) that drain our energy or bring us down.

It’s slow and holy work. But a slow and holy work that leads to a calm spirit that knows our true worth & inner peace.

Now to practice being present enough and not resisting what is so that peace becomes second nature.

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