The Language We Use with Ourselves Matters

The words we use matter. It matters when we are speaking with another person, but the language we use with ourselves, our self talk, matters just as much. Maybe even more.

Words like should.

Or I have to….

I need to….

I have got to hurry.

I’m a failure.

I don’t have time.

I’m such a loser.

I’ll never be good enough.

Sometimes these thoughts & narratives play like a soundtrack you can’t get out of your head.

But the thoughts we tell ourselves matter. We may not be aware of the nuances in these thoughts but they matter.

What if we flipped the script we repeat to ourselves?

What if instead of telling ourselves we should do something we tell ourselves I can?

What if “I’m a failure” we ask ourselves what can I do differently next time?

Do see the difference?

Our thoughts will lie to us. They can keep us from living with purpose and peace. It’s slow work to start shifting to a different mindset.

But it’s holy work. Because your worth it. You have invaluable worth and the world needs what you bring to it.

What thought soundtracks in your mind do you need to flip the script on?

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