Setting Boundaries with Work

One of the things I’ve learned in my personal growth is to let go of what I can’t control. To be present in the moment and not wish whatever it is were different. To not resist what is. To let go of what I think it should be or wish it was.

Ironically this act of letting go is in itself an act of resistance to what society & culture tells us to do which is take control and make it work for us.

It’s also an act of resistance, of rebellion, to set boundaries with our work or job.

I don’t mean you shouldn’t work hard or have a strong work ethic. You can be a hard worker and have a strong work ethic without overworking.

We can work hard without the hustle and hurry. The difference is our mindset. Sure there will be times when we need to put in the extra work to finish a project. It’s when it becomes chronic overworking that it can have dangerous consequences.

Are we working hard from a place of peace and our true worth? Or are we overworking to try and prove our worth and find peace?

One comes from a place of security and knowing our worth. The other comes from a place of lack, insecurity and fear.

Each Enneagram type has a core fear that can keep them living in a state of lack and scarcity.

When we overwork because of these fears can lead to more stress and eventually lead to burnout.

So how do we set boundaries with work?

  • Work on your mindset surrounding work.
  • Learn about your enneagram type and how your core fears affect your mindset.
  • Be sure and schedule (and stick to it) a day to rest and do things you enjoy without thinking worrying about work.

To learn more about your enneagram type and coaching click here to schedule a free 50-minutes consultation where we’ll talk about why your unique personality is your super power and how understanding your personality through the lens of WHY you do what you can help you live each day with less stress so you can be more present in your life.

With those things in mind, we’ll discuss your next best step. Whether that means working together or not, you will have an understanding of what reaching your highest potential with purpose and peace can look like.

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