No is a Complete Sentence

No is a complete sentence.⁠

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Do you feel empowered to say no? Maybe you fear you’ll be missing out if you say no? Are you worried there will be repercussions at your job if you say no? ⁠

Why do we have a hard time saying no? ⁠Setting boundaries can be difficult when we feel pulled in so many different directions.

So why do we feel like we can’t say no? It all comes down to our core fear in some way. ⁠Our core fear can keep us from knowing our true worth and cause us to feel like we have to do it all in order to be what we think everyone else wants us to be.

Knowing your true worth and why you do what you do can empower you to say no. ⁠Saying no now does not mean you cannot say yes at a later time.

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Whether you choose coaching or not, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of what you can do right now to begin setting boundaries and feel confident about saying no when things might be good or fun, but aren’t the best thing for now.

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