How Do You Find Your Purpose?

I’ve thought a lot about purpose over the past decade. I guess when you hit your late 30s & 40s you start reflecting on things differently. You see things through different lenses when you’ve experienced more life. Aging parents. The death of parents. Raising teenagers (God help us all.)

I wonder if we hear so much about “purpose” that it has become the “it” word. It makes us think there is some specific task out there for us. We get so caught up in figuring out what we are supposed to be “doing” that we forget to just simply be. We stress over finding our purpose.

Maybe it’s a lot less complicated that we make it out to be.

For me personally I’ve realized there are two things that bring me peace and energize me.

Being present. Simply being present in whatever I’m doing and wherever I am shows me my purpose for that moment.

My purpose is also found in doing what brings me joy that serves others well, adds value to their lives, and energizes me when I’m doing it.

I love this quote from Dr. Caroline Leaf because it sums up what I have experienced personally.

And here’s the great thing about it: when you learn to be present no matter what you are doing, and you do what you enjoy that also adds value to others and serves them well, that is when you will experience the most peace.

Presence. Purpose. Peace.

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