Hi. I'm Amy.

Hi, I'm Amy & I love helping teams, leaders, and individuals discover more about themselves using the Enneagram and helping them discover their gifts and strengths . Thank you so much for visiting my site.

Do you ever wonder why the same issues keep you internally frustrated? Have you tried doing what culture, society, and your work place expected you to do and only found yourself more frustrated, stressed, and burned out?

I have been there. Learning about myself through the Enneagram gave me language for how I felt, showed me when I was on a path to burn out, gave me a way to get unstuck, and learn to live with more peace and purpose in my professional and personal life.

As an Enneagram coach, I get to work with teams and leaders so they can cultivate a more peaceful and productive work place. I also love guiding individuals to learn more about why they do what they do, help them learn practices and rhythms so they can live with less stress, and help them uncover the things they love doing and bring them joy.

Amy Nabors
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