6 Working Geniuses

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Do you ever felt frustrated or misunderstood at work? Do you feel just completely drained at the end of your work day and wonder why you don't enjoy your job? Does it cause you more stress that it should and is showing in the burnout you are feeling?

The 6 types of Working Genius is a productivity tool from Patrick Lencioni that helps us discover our natural gifts and abilities so we can thrive in our work and life.

When we are better able to understand what types of work energize and fulfill us and what types of work frustrates us, we can be more productive and more successful at work. This self-awareness can help us live with more peace and more purpose.

The 6 Types of Working Genius shows us the six types of activities that are necessary for any kind of "work." In short, it's a simple framework for how work gets done.

In today's workplace, too many people are burning out. Many businesses and teams have a toxic culture because the leaders and team members lack self-awareness, lack emotional intelligence, and people are sitting in the wrong seats for their job. They are not working in their gifts and strengths. They aren't working in their zone of genius.

Lack of self-awareness + lack of emotional intelligence + sitting in the wrong seat = failure and burnout.

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