5 Ways Personal Growth Impacts Your Leadership

Personal growth is the foundation for growing as an effective leader. We can’t confuse leadership and management either. You might be in a management position and have team members directly report to you, but that doesn’t mean you have influence with them. Leadership is influence whether you are in a management position or not.

We don’t grow without self-awareness. Understanding ourselves, how we communicate, what triggers stress and conflict, our strengths and weaknesses, all increase our self awareness.

An effective and influential leader, leads authentically making informed decisions which builds trust with their team members.

Our growth as a leader or team member is directly tied to our personal growth.

Personal development helps us:

  1. increases self-awareness and social awareness
  2. makes us more aware of our strengths and weaknesses
  3. make better informed decisions
  4. build stronger relationships
  5. communicate more effectively

What do you want to see happen in your personal growth in 2024?

Maybe you feel stuck in your career or job.

Maybe you’re tired of feeling stressed and having to hurry and hustle.

Are you in a leadership position, but don’t feel like you understand your team members and their strengths?

I can help you uncover why you feel stuck, guide you in figuring out how to live with less stress so you don’t burnout, and help you understand your team members better. Go here to schedule a free discover call to see what coaching could look like for you or your team.

The Enneagram is the fastest way to grow in self awareness and break the thought patterns that keep you stuck. You gain a better understanding of what causes you stress. It’s also great at helping you understand how you and others communicate.

Personal growth is also about understanding what you enjoy doing and what drains you. Discovering your working geniuses can show you the types of work you thrive in and what areas you may need to lean on others’ strengths.

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