4 Ways to Help Your Team Members Thrive

Want to help your team members thrive in their work and life? Check out these 4 ways of how investing in their personal growth will not only help them, but also your business. ⁠When you invest in your employees or team members, you are investing in your business.

  1. Help your team members understand why they do what they do. The Enneagram is the best tool for helping people dive deeper into their personality and increasing self-awareness. Naming the core motivations behind their actions or inaction can have a tremendous impact on their personal and leadership growth. Learning about others through their Enneagram types can help increase social awareness leading to better interactions among team members.
  2. Help your team members understand their strengths and what aspects of work they enjoy. The 6 Types of Working Genius is a powerful tool for helping people discover what parts of work they thrive in and what parts frustrate them.
  3. Be intentional about helping your team members in other areas of their personal growth.
  4. Be curious about their dreams and what lights them up. Help them chase those dreams.
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