4 Keys to Effective & Productive Communication

One of the biggest frustrations in the workplace is communication. Miscommunication can lead to wasted resources, inefficient use of time, and unneeded stress.

Not understanding how someone communicates can lead to offense and hurt feelings. When we don’t understand how others perceive our communication it can cause frustration on our end because we think they are just being difficult.

You may have a team member who is thinking to themselves that they have good ideas to share, but they are never included or asked.

The good news is team and leadership coaching can help!

After observing and experiencing first hand communication issues in the workplace, I’ve come up with 4 key questions to evaluate your communication.

  1. Do you know how best to communicate with someone? What is their communication style? How will your communication style be perceived by this person?
  2. Are you communicating to the right people on a project at the right time? Are you looping in the people who need to know what is going on or whose particular roles will have the insight needed?
  3. Do you know the roles and tasks of the people in your organization so that you can go to the right people to ask questions? Are you asking the people with the knowledge and experience? Do you know what each person does within the team?
  4. Do you know each team member’s working genius, strengths, and giftings? That person’s role and responsibility may not be one that you initially think should be involved on a project, but their zone of genius and strengths may bring valuable insights and ideas to the project or process you are working on.

To learn more about your team’s communication styles and working geniuses click here to schedule a consultation. I’d love to help you and your team learn how to communicate and collaborate on a higher level!

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